About Morningside Forensics

Morningside Forensics performs specialized services related to Disputes and Investigations. We are retained by defendants and plaintiffs in litigation. Some are high-stakes matters, with financial exposure in the hundreds of millions or even billions, and prison sentences in criminal cases. Our methods draw upon the scientific method and related disciplines as well as finance, economics, and statistics. Large data sets and advanced methods are common in our assignments. Our results are often presented in the form of courtroom testimony. However, we also undertake privileged consulting and independent investigations and analyses.

About Our Clients

Our clients include publicly listed and private companies and government agencies and other public sector institutions, as well as private individuals. Law firms include large, prestigious big-law firms as well as regional firms and highly focused boutiques. What they have in common is an appreciation of our deep experience, rigorous analysis, credibility and responsiveness.

About Dr. David A. Gulley

David Gulley leads Morningside Forensics. He is an economist and advisor to business, government, and multi-lateral agencies. He also is a faculty member of Columbia University. In the course of his career, he has been qualified by the courts as an expert on statistics, finance, economics, commercial damages, lost earnings, market and organizational conduct, and other aspects of business. He testifies in civil and criminal trials. He has served as a court-appointed expert and assisted the courts in revising civil jury instructions. He has been invited by the U.S. Congress, a Presidential Commission, and other public-sector bodies to offer expert testimony. The American Bar Association commended his service on multiple occasions. Prof. Gulley is a Fulbright Scholar, a National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow, and served on an advisory board of the National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council. Prof. Gulley’s assignments have taken him to over two dozen countries. He has advised governments, regulators, commissions, multi-lateral agencies, treasuries, central banks, sovereign investment authorities, and private businesses.

Prof. David A. Gulley, Ph.D., President and Principal Investigator